Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron) – Marvel Cinematic Universe


I love Scarlet Witch so much, and for a long time I’ve wanted to make her classic costume from the comics, but I could never find the right pieces for it. Back when they debuted the concept drawings and announced she would be part of Avengers: Age of Ultron, I got super excited because 1) Scarlet Witch was going to be in an Avengers movie, and 2) I really, really loved the modern take on her costume. Because her costume is essentially a normal outfit (no spandex bodysuit!) it was a lot easier to track down the different pieces.

Let’s get to the breakdown of the cosplay!

Jacket: I bought the jacket off of, which is where I bought my Poe Dameron jacket as well. Like the Poe jacket, the sizes run really small and a 3X fits more like a large. Thankfully, I don’t have to zip up the jacket, so it’s fine. It came with the black gauntlets, but that ended up being a hurdle later on…

Gauntlets: The gauntlets that came with the jacket were made from real leather, but they were TINY. I’m a bigger gal, but my wrists and forearms are actually pretty small, and I couldn’t get these things to go further than just above my wrist. I also noticed the zippers were in the wrong direction (if I wanted to go for screen accuracy). So, I had to make my own. I bought some black pleather fabric from Joann’s and decided to use the zippers from the original ones. I didn’t have a pattern, so I just winged it. I’m really happy with how they turned out! In the photo above, the photo on the left is what the gauntlets looked like that came with the jacket. The second photo is a screen capture from the film. The third photo is my end result.

Wig: In the above photo, I’m wearing the “Grace” classic wig from Arda Wigs in “Cool Brown.” But, I’ve since upgraded to LDYV018 from Pose Wigs.

Dress: The black dress is a kimono-style dress I bought from Target several years ago. It looks nothing like the one in the film, but…”meh, close enough.” I bought a cranberry red lace-trim camisole to wear under it.

Boots: The boots are a pair of Madden Girl “Eloisee” combat boots.


Knee-Highs: These were tricky, because apparently the company that made the ones worn in the film doesn’t sell them anymore. I ended up taking an old pair of black knit leggings and cutting off the legs and just took my scissors to them to make giant holes. I bought a pair of knee-high nylons and made runs in those (sealed with clear nail polish to keep them from getting too shredded). The leggings are tucked in to the tops of the knee-highs.


Jewelry: There’s a lot of jewelry in this cosplay! There are two necklaces: one is a Kuchi coin on a silver chain, and one is a really weird ribbon/chain necklace with charms on it. The Kuchi coin one was easy – there’s a seller on Etsy who sells the pendants. It’s really pretty, and I wear it as regular jewelry even when I’m not cosplaying Scarlet Witch. For the other necklace, I bought some antique bronze-finish 3mm chain from Michael’s. I had some medium blue 3mm satin ribbon already, so I didn’t need to buy that. It was really difficult to tell what sort of charms were on the chain, and with all of my research on the internet, it looked like it was a big donut-shaped pendant of some kind (likely metal or stone?), a smaller (1″ or so) coin or disc, a dark green stone with gold trim, and a round medium green stone. I used a 12mm round green aventurine bead on a gold head pin for one charm, an 8x12mm green onyx bezel with gold trim for the other charm, a Burmese coin with a hole drilled in the top for the silver disc, and a 1 1/2″ steel washer from Home Depot (painted with metallic acrylic paint to give it more of a weathered look) as the main “donut.” I put it all together and I think it looks pretty good. She also wears many, many rings, so I just dug into my jewelry box and picked out the coolest-looking ones I had.

Hex Powers: I made them using LED tea lights, tulle, cellophane, lace, glitter, and a bunch of hot glue. (Tutorial can be found here.)


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