HungerCon 2017


Battling a young Padawan! Photo by Rick Rietow.

This past Saturday I went to HungerCon 2017 at the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center. It was a really fun event for kids with a bunch of costumers (the Minnesota Force, Minnesota Superheroes United, 501st Legion, and The Royal Sisterhood were all represented), games, crafts, and other fun stuff. The kids seemed to have a fun time, and I had a blast, too!


My favorite Padawan, Molly! (Photo by M Porter Photography)


Hanging out with Thor! (Thor is Joshua Pinson) (Photo by Marie Porter)


I’m 90% sure Matt is Kylo Ren. (Matt the Radar Technician and photo by M Porter Photography)


He was like this when I got here.


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