Poe Dameron (Jakku) – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I saw “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” when it came out, and like a lot of people, I instantly fell in love with Poe Dameron. I knew instantly that I wanted to build a cosplay, and I really liked his outfit from the first third of the film where he’s on Jakku/the Finalizer.

Version 1 (V1)

I began working on this cosplay in March of 2016. With lots of digging on The Internets, I was able to pull together the different pieces of the costume, except I had no luck finding 3D print files or a completed prop of his blaster. Poe’s blaster is a modified version of the blasters the Resistance uses (his model is an EL-16HFE) with an added stock to the back end. Having never made a prop blaster before, I didn’t want to take on that task just yet, so I had to come up with a backup plan. I tried to think of a time when Poe didn’t have his blaster and didn’t have BB-8 at his side, and that was on the Finalizer. I decided to do a very specific “post-interrogation” Poe, complete with fake blood.

That presented me with a new challenge: I’d never done effects makeup before and had no idea where to start. TO THE GOOGLE! I found this great video tutorial that explained how to make fake wounds using a glue stick and regular makeup. I did a test run and it looked surprisingly realistic. The above photos are from the first time I wore my Poe cosplay, and I think the wounds look pretty good! They held up all day, too. For the fake blood, I used Kryolan’s Fresh Scratch in Dark. I highly recommend it, because it stayed put all day, and definitely looked like congealing blood.

Now, onto the other pieces of the costume.

JacketFinn/Poe Dameron Brown Jacket (Women’s) from Film Jackets. There are two versions – the brown version and the tan version. I opted for the brown version, mainly because it had a zipper and I wanted to use the jacket as an actual spring/fall jacket (I mean, why not? It’s real leather and everything). It’s weird, though, the women’s version still fits kind of slim in the hips and big in the shoulders like a men’s jacket, so it doesn’t fit quite as well as I had hoped. I really love this jacket, though, and the leather is super soft.

Shirt: Murano Baird McNutt linen Mandarin shirt. I bought mine off of eBay so I’m not sure the exact style is being sold in stores any longer, but I was able to find something similar on Dillard’s site.

Pants: Carhartt Women’s Original Fit Crawford Pants in Dark Brown. They have something similar in men’s as well.

Belt: Men’s Merona Multi-Colored Belt. This is a reversible belt I picked up at Target. One side is black, the other is brown.

Boots: A7847 Avenger Men’s Work Boots (Black). I bought my pair off of eBay, but these can be found on a lot of different sites. They were the closest I could find to the actual screen-accurate ones that didn’t cost nearly 200 pounds.

Other Things: I made my own blousing straps out of elastic to “blouse” my pants military-style, since tucking them into the boots was practically impossible without looking frumpy.

A few months after creating V1, I bought a BB-8 Big Fig and created a bag for him out of jute rope using my macrame skills so I could carry him around with me. This also eliminated the need for me to do the effects makeup.



“It’s safer with you than it is with me!” With Madeline of MADsCosplay and her BB-8.

Version 2 (V2)

As with most of my costumes, I decided to start fine-tuning my Poe Dameron costume. V2 work started in April 2017.

Jacket: Still using the same Finn/Poe Dameron Brown Jacket (Women’s) from Film Jackets. Someday I might upgrade, but this one works just fine.

Shirt: Cotton kurta from Amazon that I modified slightly and then dyed. (Progress photos can be found in this post and this post.)

Pants: Cargo pants from eBay that I made modifications to, and then dyed. (Progress photos can be found in this post.)

BeltBrown leather belt from Amazon that I dyed a little darker, and a plain belt buckle from Tandy Leather that I painted. (Progress photos can be found in this post.)

Boots: I purchased a pair of black Teva ‘Capistrano’ boots from eBay, since they’re no longer in production. I plan on adding a leather strap to them eventually.

Wig: You know who has red hair? Me. Know who doesn’t? Poe. Solution? WIG! I bought mine from Arda Wigs and styled the heck out of it. (Progress photos can be found in this post.)

EL-16HFE Blaster: Finally! I have one! This was 3D printed and finished by yours truly. (Tons of progress photos can be found in this post.)




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